Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Alta is for Skiers

In January, my dad, Brian and I took our yearly ski trip to Alta Ski Resort in Salt Lake City, UT. What I love about Alta is it's all about skiing - no frills or hot coco breaks - just you, the mountain and endless exploration. Every time I've gone the skiing never disappoints, and every run is a different thrill. I recommend it to every lover of skiing and adventure!

While we were there they opened East Castle, which is hardly ever open, and even though they hadn't seen snow in more than a week, we were able to experience those powdery fresh tracks that every skier dreams about!

They say Utah has the best snow on earth, and Alta is the creme de la creme. To give you an idea, Alta's current base (in mid-March) is 83", while Vail sits at almost less than half at 43".

My family's heading there again next week for spring break and I couldn't be more jealous. Tear it up you guys!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Big Bend National Park

In November last year, Brian, Steve and I took a trip to Big Bend National Park. If you haven't been before, I highly recommend it. The scenery was spectacular.  We stayed in the Chisos Mountains Lodge, which is open year round and conveniently located at the base of the hiking trails.

Thanks to Brian and Southwest Airlines buddy passes we were able to fly to Midland - for free. From there we rented a car and made the four hour treck to Big Bend, which is located on the boarder between Texas and Mexico. Friday night, we enjoyed a nice meal at the Chisos Lodge Restaurant and bought a deck of playing cards to end the evening with a friendly game of hearts.

We did the the South Rim Trail, hiking around 11 miles through various terrain of gradual mountain climbs, valley creeks and fields, and dry dessert forests. Our legs were weary towards the end, but the beauty of the trail and the views were worth it.